Why co-working spaces in India have startups and entrepreneurs hooked ?

The monumental work that follows starting up truly begins to manifest itself when investors and other stakeholders come knocking. As meetings on precarious subjects are scheduled with the weight of deadlines hanging in the balance, pending utility bills or malfunctioning internet networks may be enough to break the momentum. Sharing office space with existing establishments could serve as a quick fix. Fortunately, eliminating administrative hassles is, but the most basic benefit such collaboration have on offer.

Co-working spaces essentially work around the concept of leasing office infrastructure and resources to individuals or groups of people, often on a subscription basis. In addition to flexible working hours, these centres foster an innovation-inspiring atmosphere, bringing together groups of like-minded people under one roof.

“The idea was essentially to set up a plug-and-play option for anyone looking for a serviced office space,” says Grandslam Developers, Director, Ashok Chaudhary. “When people start their own businesses, they need to experience the exchange of ideas while maintaining a wide network of connections. With co-working spaces, we give them the option of picking up contacts from simply working together, thereby bringing much more value to people running businesses,” he says.

GD is one of the latest entrants tapping the surge in demand for coworking spaces in Noida. Launched in February this year, its in-house collaborative office is about 65,000 sq ft spread across three floors. In addition to a desk and other paraphernalia, it also has a conference room, various entertainment facilities including access to a gym, private telephone areas and plays host to various networking events.

Coffee shops losing steam?

Perhaps the days of disheveled young people in sweats slouching in front of laptops or of animated discussions over coffee about the next big idea may still press on. But, with co-working hubs taking extra care to cultivate a creative atmosphere, cafes may just become old school. “What would make these spaces a success are the leads you may get just sitting around the lounge, hanging out at the poolside or simply playing chess with someone,” say Ashok Chaudhary





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